Ako For First Duty Station

Knowing how to use the AKO is a useful way to receive commands in the military. The S1, retention NCO, branch manager, and Installation Levy Section are the access points to the AKO. By signing into the AKO and selecting “On Orders,” you may also access your S1’s orders. Note that orders are not final until they are published in the AKO. The orders will be given to S1 after they have appeared in AKO.

6 suggestions from a former platoon leader of the First Engineer Battalion 
There are a few things you should be aware of to make the most of your first duty station, even if you may be eager to start your first job in the military. Ensure that you are familiar with the location first by getting to know it. Investigating the neighborhood and finding out about the locals will help you do this. You can get useful information from MilitaryInstallations, like the phone number for a service or program.

Be patient, next. Soldiering is not always simple. You can experience your first feelings of overwhelm. This is typical and not unusual. But it’s crucial to maintain your composure, endurance, and resolve. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid any blunders and adjust to your new situation.

Receive orders 
Receiving orders for your first duty station is a joyous yet extremely intimidating time. When your SGLI or Tricare and Next of Kin checks are verified, the procedure starts. The next step is to be assigned to a unit once you have obtained all of these things.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to be organized and prepared. You should know that the PCS procedure will take longer than usual. This typically means you’ll be on the move for more than 20 weeks. In particular, if you have children, you should have your home ready. Don’t forget to get in touch with your S1 if you need further details.

Additionally, you’ll need to become familiar with your new surroundings. The first few weeks could be spent getting to know the base’s important officers and enlisted personnel as well as locating your barracks and mess hall. The next step is for you to become a part of your team and position.Asking questions about the neighborhood and the installation is beneficial.

Joining the military and reporting to your first duty location 
The first step toward your future in the service is to join the military and report to your first duty location. You will go through basic training as a member before attending boot camp to learn about the job. This period is crucial, but it’s also a terrific opportunity to explore your new neighborhood and meet people. There are many tools at your disposal to assist you in adjusting to your new environment and figuring out how to benefit the most from the new military community.

Upon joining the military, a duty station will be chosen for you based on your credentials and interests. Your MOS, rank, and the requirements of your specific service will all affect where you will be sent as your initial duty station. You could be required to work in a specific location for some professions, such as a medical mission or a battle area. Others might be more accommodating, letting you choose your initial duty station based on your GPA at an “A-School.”

You can be required to relocate somewhere else, either temporarily or permanently, once basic training is finished. You can bring your car with you to some places, but not to others. Ask the commander or NCO of your unit for assistance if you need to move your vehicle to a different duty location. Your personal property will typically be moved for free by the military.

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