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This article will help you learn more about iPerms, a portal for filing documents and information. This portal is operated by the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) division. In this article, you will learn about what types of documents and information you should file in iPerms.


iPERMS is the authorized personnel records repository of the Army Military Human Resource Record (AMHRR). This database is accessible only to authorized officials for official purposes. The Privacy Act of 1974 says that personal information stored in AMHRR is private and can’t be shared or looked at without the person’s permission.

Portal for Army Knowledge Online (AKO)

After signing up for a free AKO account, you’ll need to provide a unique password and answer security questions to access the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) portal. You can also suspend or disable the use of your username and password to prevent unauthorized access. CAC stands for Common Access Card, or your personal identification number. It’s a good idea to use the CAC login option to limit the number of unauthorized users who can access your account.

The Army Knowledge Online (AKO) portal is an online information portal that serves as the single entryway for agency information. It’s one of the largest corporate intranet portals in the world, with a global reach. AKO enables its 1.67 million active-duty personnel, their family members, and selected guests to access information, documents, and data from anywhere, anytime. The system also supports mission-critical projects, tactical and operational Army programs, and administrative processes.

The Army Knowledge Online (AKO) portal provides many benefits to soldiers, including email, file storage, and directory services. It also offers training and personal development programs. Armed forces can also access information about their health as well as their families’ health and safety. AKO also helps them keep track of their finances and access financial records, such as their leave and earnings statement and the status of their readiness for deployment.

AKO is an enterprise information resource that provides secure access to the Internet, shares information, and creates collaborative workspaces. It is the only enterprise of its kind in the Army and serves every department of the Army. Currently, AKO is the largest intranet in the world, with more than one billion logins. With the creation of Defence Knowledge Online, it now offers services to people outside of the military as well.

Documents to be filed in iPerms

Ako iPERMS is a digital repository for Army records. It uses a tracking system to ensure the security of the documents. It also offers quick access to relevant documents. The system is used in all departments and is responsible for timely and efficient service delivery. The secure platform allows authorized personnel to access information on a computer without the need to travel to a physical location. iPERMS is also highly secure, with all transactions conducted under strict guidelines.

There are six icons available to choose from in IPERMS. Each icon is associated with a role. For example, the Scan Operator role has six icons. The Scan Operator role can access the Batch Originator report. This report populates with all the batches that have been submitted. The data on this report includes the batch number, the date the batch was created, its status, description, and any comments that pertain to it.

Information to be filed in iPerms

If you want to file a specific document in iPERMS, you must first identify the correct type of document. There are several types of documents. Depending on the type, you may choose to file different types of documents in the same folder. Fortunately, iPERMS allows you to view a document in more than one folder. In fact, it’s possible to store documents in up to five folders!

The Army has rules regarding the filing of certain documents in iPERMS. First, documents that contain multiple Social Security Numbers or DODIDs are not permitted. These documents must have the soldier’s SSN annotated on the top right corner of the document. Any document that contains third party PII must be blacked out or otherwise marked with a black pen or other marking. Otherwise, the document will be deleted or purged.

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