MilSuite – DoD’s Suite of Secure Collaboration Tools

Today’s Soldiers, Army civilians, and support contractors are accustomed to using social media and collaborative tools. MilSuite is the Department of Defense’s suite of secure collaboration tools located behind the firewall. It includes milWiki, a living military encyclopedia; milBook, a professional networking tool; milWire, a micro-blogging tool and milTube, a video-sharing site.

Today’s Soldiers, Army civilians, and contractors are accustomed to social media applications like Facebook(tm), Wikipedia(tm), and media sharing sites like YouTube(tm). MilSuite is a collection of online tools that promote workforce collaboration and information sharing in a secure environment behind the Department of Defense firewall. The suite includes milWiki, a living military encyclopedia that’s editable by the people who know it best; milBook, a professional networking tool for communities of interest; and milTube, which provides video-sharing capabilities.

The suite’s collaborative capabilities help overcome geographic and organizational divisions among the military community by increasing awareness of projects, programs, teams, policies, and more. Users are responsible for adhering to the milSuite Acceptable Use Policy when posting content to government-owned wikis, blogs, discussions, and documents within milSuite.

Using milSuite, the Air Education and Training Command Civilian Force Development Division has created a milBook page with links to a variety of tools to assist with workforce development. Access to the milBook site is limited to those with CAC credentials. To get started, visit the “Navy FAO” group page on milBook.

What are the Tools Integrated into the MilSuite

What are the Tools Integrated into the MilSuite?

MilSuite includes five primary capabilities: 

  • milWiki, a living military encyclopedia edited by subject matter experts;
  • milBook, a social networking tool that provides communities of practice;
  • milTube, a video-sharing platform; 
  • milUniversity, a learning management system.
  • The suite also includes additional tools such as EurekamilAdvisormilReads, and milSuiteX that promote ideation and solutions.

To use these capabilities, you must have a Common Access Card (CAC) to sign in to milSuite. If you do not have a CAC, contact your unit’s help desk or ID Card Office Online to get assistance.

MilSuite Acceptable Use Policy

MilSuite Acceptable Use Policy

As a condition of use of these government-owned collaboration capabilities, users must adhere to the MilSuite Acceptable Use Policy. Any content that violates the rules can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of user privileges. The rules cover content, language, and behavior in milSuite wikis, blogs, discussions , and documents. MilSuite sites are monitored for inappropriate content at all times. To minimize the likelihood of unauthorized access, this system uses software programs to monitor network traffic.

MilSuite uses DoD Enterprise Identity, Credential , and Access Management (E-ICAM) to authenticate users. If you have any questions about the process, contact your E-ICAM administrator or ID Card Office online. By accessing this government computer system, you agree to abide by the milSuite Acceptable Use Policy. This system is subject to routine monitoring for penetration testing, COMSEC, network operations and defense, personnel misconduct, and law enforcement purposes.

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