iPERMS Down?

Is iPERMS down?

If you’re looking for ways to make your website more secure, you should take a look at iPERMS. This software protects websites from malicious software and is also free. It uses WORM technology to ensure data integrity and prevent data loss. You can find more information about iPERMS at the following links:


The Army has begun the transition to an interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS), a replacement for an outdated, labor-intensive records management system based on microfiche and paper documents. The new system is designed to allow on-line access and display of millions of document images in a web-based environment. The project is being led by SAIC, which is also providing program management services and information assurance support.

The Department of the Army has awarded Science Applications International Corporation a task order to provide information technology and information management services for the interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS). The task order has a one-year base period and four one-year options. The contract is valued at more than $48 million. The work will be performed in Alexandria, Virginia, and Colorado Springs, Colorado.


OMPF has experienced a problem with its electronic data processing system. This problem has hampered the ability to produce certain documents for soldiers who are requesting the release of these documents. In order to provide these documents, the soldier must either upload the documents to OMPF or contact their unit S1 to request their transfer. The OMPF’s online system is not designed to handle documents that are missing.

The United States Army established the Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS) for all Army components. It is used for electronic document management and supports the Army’s Army Personnel Transformation initiative. It also automates several operational processes and allows self-service for many functions. iPERMS is the Army’s newest technology and will continue to improve Army records management.

WORM technology

WORM technology is a form of information preservation for records that are not likely to be altered or deleted. The technology is a standard for archiving data, and it helps companies comply with government rules on preserving documents. This archiving solution is cloud-based and helps ensure the integrity of data as it is protected from human error and tampering. It is used for storing data from various sources and automating the record-keeping process.

The WORM technology was introduced in the 1970s and gained popularity as an alternative for data archiving. WORM discs had a limited storage capacity at first, but in recent decades, their storage capacity has increased to 3.0GB. One problem with WORM technology is that there is no universal format for WORM discs, and data that is stored on one of these discs can only be read by the drive that created it. Furthermore, WORM equipment is expensive and not widely used.

Retention period

The Army has established a retention period for records in the iPERMS database. Records will remain in iPERMS for 62 years after the last person in the record has ceased to be a member of the military. After this time, the ownership of these records will be transferred to the National Archives.

Access to records

The iPERMS system provides users with secure remote access to the records they need. Users can log in to the system with their CAC and view their records. However, new documents have to be submitted to the scanner operators for validation, which takes about four hours. This process is designed to make sure that the record you need is accurate. To prepare for the process, you can create a timeline of your life events and capture all the corresponding documents.

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