iPERMS Certificates and Documentation

iPERMS certificates reduce soldier risk by ensuring that documents in the system are not duplicated. The iPERMS certificates also include the DOD ID number, which decreases the risk associated with a soldier’s information. For more information, see the Requirements for submitting a certificate request.

Documents in iPERMS are not duplicates.

If you use iPERMS, you’ve probably noticed that you see the same document in several folders. This is because individual documents are labeled with an identifier based on what type of document they are. These identifiers are unique to each document, so you can view a document in as many as five folders. You may be wondering what these identifiers mean. You can check your AMHRR-Required Documents list to see what documents you need to store in your system.

When you use iPERMS, make sure to avoid uploading any classified documents or PII from third parties. You should also avoid uploading documents that contain multiple Social Security numbers, last four digits, or DODIDs. This will reduce the risk of unauthorized third-party use and release.

iPERMS allows you to upload documents in TIFF and PDF formats. You may have to adjust the settings on your multi-functional device in order to properly upload images. Also, make sure to use approved software that can convert images into the correct format for uploading. You can also receive email notifications when your documents are ready to be scanned.

If your official military personnel file contains duplicate certificates, it may be a good idea to remove them. Instead of reusing your old paper documents, use better-quality iPERMS certificates instead. If you’re looking to transfer a certificate, you must remove the duplicate from the official file.

The inclusion of a DOD ID number in iperms certificates reduces soldier risk.

DoD ID numbers can help soldiers avoid identity theft. By adding these numbers to documents, soldiers can reduce their risk. They also help ensure that no one uses their Social Security numbers for fraudulent purposes. The Total Officer Personnel Management Information System and the electronic Military Personnel Office Datastore are two databases that have DOD ID numbers.

Requirements for submitting a certificate request

If you are submitting a request for an iPERMS certificate, you will need to provide the necessary documentation in order to be considered eligible. For example, if you need to upload a medical license, you will need to include the required medical document. Unless you are an AHRC unit, you will need to submit a DOD ID number as well.

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