Evaluation Entry System

The Army Evaluation System or Evaluation Entry System (EES) is useful for authorized personnel, including new recruits and Non-Commissioned Officers. It can help them navigate through a number of important tasks and decisions. The EES consists of four parts and is used for a variety of purposes. These include promotions, reassignments, and other forms of professional advancement.

The Army’s evaluation systems are complex processes that determine a service member’s career path. These are operated by the Human Resources Command and include officer and non-commissioned officer (NCO) evaluations. NCOs submit their evaluations through EES, a web-based system that consolidates assessment tools, profile calculators, Doctrine references, and APD FORMS lookups into one place. It is available for both PC and Mac computers.

The problem with today’s OERs is that they rely heavily on subjective judgments. These decisions allow rating officials to cherry-pick which achievements and disappointments indicate top performers and runners-up. They can also be influenced by internal and external pressures, which encourage some commanders to reduce standards or push units through training exercises regardless of whether they are ready.

To help address these problems, HRC has introduced several changes to the evaluator system. One is a restriction on the number of times senior raters can give their rated NCOs the highest rating, known as the block check. Another is a narrative block that restricts raters from inflating their reports with flowery language. These improvements are a step in the right direction, but they will not fix the fundamental flaws of the evaluation process.

Evaluation Submission Procedures

Evaluation Submission Procedures

The EES Army system allows school officials to prepare and submit evaluations electronically to HQDA and HRC. It also tracks the status of each evaluation once it is initiated. The status is displayed on EES’s “Active OER Evaluations” page. It also allows delegates to view rater tendency reports and senior rater profiles.

The evaluations submitted via EES are scanned into the Single Evaluation Processing System (SEPS) and are available in EES for review by the rating chain and delegates in.pdf format. The rated officer’s hand-signatures from the hard copy evaluation are applied to an online version in EES, and the SEPS application applies a label once the evaluation is counseled.

Units may still mail hard copies to HRC for processing, but they are not guaranteed to receive them. In addition, if an online evaluation is dependent on a hard copy box check indication, the online report will misfire if it is submitted before the hard copy has been received and examined by HRC. It’s important to ensure that the support form is used and all delegates have access to it.

EES Army Log in

EES Army Log in

The EES Army portal is operated by the United States Army Human Resources Command and helps determine a Soldier’s career path. It also allows Non-Commissioned Officers to input their Army evaluation reports. The portal is a great resource for new recruits and enlisted soldiers interested in advancing their careers. It is divided into several sections and contains plenty of navigational links to help users find the necessary information.

EES requires a CAC-enabled web browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Chrome, on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. It also requires a valid Enterprise email address, such as “[email protected]”. The system is designed to automatically populate your AKO email address from ITAB-DB and should be used for communication with HRC about any discrepancies in the report.

A rated officer may not view their OER while the rater, senior rater, or their delegates are preparing comments for the OER. Once submitted to HRC, the rated officer may only view the completed OER. It is a good idea for the senior rater to manage their profile indication closely.

EES Army is an online portal that allows US military members to access important information and services. It is operated by the United States Army Human Resources Command and can be used by both soldiers and non-commissioned officers.

The system is web-based, so it can be accessed from any PC or MAC. It can also be accessed from home, provided the computer has an installed AKO certificate. Personnel can access the EES website by entering their User ID and password.

Once you are logged in, you can use the Army EES system to complete various tasks, including submitting APFT scores and academic evaluation reports. You can also use the system to check your rating status and career path.

The Army EES portal can be confusing and may look dated, but it is a crucial portal for new recruits and enlisted personnel. It also serves as a good source of general Soldier knowledge. If you are having trouble with the site, you can always ask for help from a fellow member of the military.

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