IPERMS Record Manager

What is an IPERMS Record Manager?

IPERMS stands for Interactive Personnel Electronics Records Management System. It was first implemented in the Coast Guard and allows users to access their records online. However, you should note that iPERMS is not a record manager in the traditional sense of the term. If you are confused about the difference between an IPERMS record manager and a record manager, read this article. You will understand why the Coast Guard implemented this new system and what your role is in using it.

iPERMS is an acronym for Interactive Personnel Electronics Records Management System

The iPERMS system is a centralised database for the management of official military personnel records. It will replace a paper-based system by facilitating electronic input and on-line access to official military files. The new system will reduce the cost of maintaining paper-based files and increase efficiency. To get started, you can create a timeline of important events in your life and capture all relevant documents.

iPERMS is used by all departments within the army, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The system enables authorized personnel to view information remotely, eliminating the need to physically go to an office or other location. The files are secure and easily accessible, and transactions can be conducted with high levels of security. It is considered the best file management system in the army. But before it was introduced, soldiers felt stressed out. They had to send numerous requests to the administration. But now, thanks to the iPERMS system, everything is made easier and faster.

It allows you to view your record online

The PSC-iPERMS record manager allows you to securely view your record online. The PSC validates all documents within four hours, and your record is instantly available for viewing online. It helps ensure that your record is up-to-date and accurate prior to a board or panel. To make the process easier, you should create a timeline of major life events, capture all corresponding documents, and ensure that you have all necessary information.

It is new to the Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is moving toward a new human resource database that will replace the Official Military Personnel File and the Coast Guard Military Human Resource Record. The Coast Guard is transitioning to an interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS), a robust and reliable system used by the Army. Once the Coast Guard has implemented iPERMS, all of its personnel’s permanent documents will be stored in iPERMS.

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