Dod Safe Review

Dod safe is an online file transfer service that offers a secure way to share and receive large files. It uses package-level encryption to protect your data in transit and at rest. However, it does not guarantee delivery times.To use DoD SAFE, you must have a Common Access Card (CAC). Obtaining a CAC can be a time-consuming and complex process.

The new Law of War Manual has raised serious concerns over its treatment of a number of critical issues, such as the status of civilians in military operations, the use of human shields and the precautions required prior to attacks. In a letter to Secretary of Defense James Austin, Just Security Executive Editor Marty Lederman writes that the LOW’s footnotes are ill-fitting and create confusion.

The Manual correctly states that commanders and other decision-makers must assess whether persons or objects are military objectives in good faith, and must have an honest and genuine belief that the object is a military objective. The LOW’s update also correctly states that, where doubt exists, commanders must take feasible precautions to verify the person or object is a military objective.

However, in a footnote to the above paragraph, the LOW suggests that this requirement to reduce doubt should not be applied to civilians who support military operations by working on or near military targets (such as workers at a munitions factory). This would be a grave mistake. Civilians whose lives are at risk should be weighed as a factor in proportionality analyses.

Helpline 2


The DoD Safe Helpline is the sole secure, confidential, and anonymous crisis support service specially designed for members of the Department of Defense community who have experienced sexual assault. It is operated by RAINN, a national anti-sexual violence organization, under contract with the DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (DoD SAPRO). All personally identifying information remains confidential.

The site offers several features to make file transfer easier, including the ability to upload large files and compress them. It also provides a CAC-enabled drop-off feature that allows users to drop off files without using email attachments. However, the system can be slow and is not recommended for time-sensitive transfers. Other alternatives include FTP Today, which does not require a CAC.

It is important to understand that this site is not intended for use with sensitive data, such as contracts or proposal submissions. For these types of transactions, DoD recommends using the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE). PIEE is available through the Defense Digital Services Agency and is approved to handle CUI/PII/PHI.

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