Army Knowledge Online

Army Knowledge Online is the US Army’s main intranet that is used for recruiting and public information. All soldiers are required to have an AKO account. The system has strict security and requires a password with lowercase, uppercase, and two numbers. AKO has many functions, including the finance section, which allows soldiers to access leave and earning statements, housing allowances, and food allowances. It also has a medical function which includes soldiers’ medical records, DNA, and past physical examinations.

What is AKO Online?

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is an enterprise information service for Department of Defense and Joint Service customers that provides portal, e-mail, directory, and discovery functionality. Users have access to worldwide web assets, tools, and services, as well as build pages, create file storage areas and participate in discussions on the portal. It is the primary collaboration tool for the Army. Army members can also visit IPERMS on AKO website.

All active duty, National Guard and Reserves soldiers, as well as Army civilians and select contractor workforce members, have an AKO account which grants them access to the portal. The portal has been referred to as one of the largest intranets in the world, with more than a billion log-ins recorded since it launched in the 1990s.

It also offers collaboration and business process management applications. All Army and Department of Defense personnel must have an AKO account, and those without one are denied access to Army sites. AKO also serves as a gateway to other portals, such as milConnect and A365.

In addition to allowing soldiers to interact with the military through its financial departments and medical sections, AKO is an excellent way for them to stay in contact with their families. It also has training functions and e-learning programs, which can help them earn promotion points or college credit.

Although AKO was once an industry leader in delivering collaborative applications, it has lost ground to newer and more feature-rich platforms. In an effort to make the portal more user-friendly, the Army began a major overhaul of its infrastructure and services in late 2013. The project, called EC2M, was completed in early 2014 with all the expected results.

AKO is not the only portal the Army uses to connect its employees and stakeholders, but it remains the most prominent. The Navy and Air Force have their own portals, but none are as large or robust as AKO.

The e-learning program on AKO is a great resource for soldiers to learn about the latest technologies, which can improve their chances of getting promoted. Moreover, the e-learning program is free and is available to all Army personnel.

Army Knowledge Online features

Army Knowledge Online features

AKO is the Army’s main intranet and reportedly the world’s largest. It provides a variety of services to Army personnel, including email, portals and more. It also hosts Business Process Management applications and is integral to The Army Transformation. It is used by a wide range of military personnel, including recruits, active duty soldiers and Department of Defense civilians.

The site’s main features include e-mail, collaboration, and document storage. Its e-mail functionality allows soldiers to communicate with one another and share files with coworkers across the country or around the world. It can be accessed on both classified and unclassified networks. AKO also offers a search function that can be used to find information quickly and easily.

In addition to e-mail, Army Knowledge Online offers an online directory that can be used to find contact information for other users. It also has an online learning center that includes a wide variety of courses, many of which are free of charge. These courses are designed to improve soldiers’ overall quality of life and help them become more effective leaders.

Another feature of AKO is the ability to upload documents and photos to a shared folder. This allows soldiers to store and access these files at any time, even when they are away from the office. This feature is especially useful for troops who are deployed overseas, as it can help them stay connected to home and family members.

In order to use AKO, a soldier must first create an account. This requires them to supply a sponsor name, password and security questions. The password must meet DoD’s strong password guidelines and the security questions must be answered correctly to verify the user’s identity. Once the account is created, the user can begin using AKO’s many features and services.

Although the AKO website has many benefits, there are a few things that need to be improved. For example, the AKO home page needs to be updated with more current information and links. The AKO app for mobile devices should also be updated to provide a better user experience. Finally, more funding should be provided for AKO so that improvements can be made in a timely manner.

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