iPERMS Training

Before you get started with your iPerms training, you should gather the necessary documents. These documents should be in the form of TIFF files or scanned documents. Make sure to use the right browser for the training—the best one is Internet Explorer. And if possible, scan your documents into a TIFF file. Then, you can load them onto your computer and follow the training. Here are some tips on how to get started:

Documents required for IPERM training

If you plan to enroll in iPERMS training, you need to prepare certain documents. First, you should know that this training is conducted online. You must submit all the documents you will need to complete the training. You should also be aware of the process of document validation. You can check your documents online before submitting them. Once you submit them, the PSC will validate them within four hours. You can find details about the validation of your documents on the PSC website.

Internet Explorer is the best browser for iperms training.

If you’re considering taking iPERMS training on Windows, you may be wondering which browser is best. Using any other browser will limit the capabilities of your training session and may even cause errors. While some browsers may work, they aren’t ideal for this purpose. Use Internet Explorer if you can, or at least a recent version of it. Also, use the latest version of Java or Adobe products.

Documents that should be scanned to a TIFF file

The best way to ensure that your iPERMS training course goes as smoothly as possible is to scan all documents into a TIFF file. TIFF files have many benefits, including being easier to read and edit than PDFs. These documents can also be used as training aids by soldiers who cannot read English or French. You can scan them using the scanning module.

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